Girl bomb: the bride that hides Fyodor Bondarchuk

Девочка-бомба: что скрывает невеста Федора Бондарчука “StarHit” learned the secrets of Paulina Andreeva. Entourage actress and Director told the details of their relationship, and classmates lady Bondarchuk remembered what was her “gang.

      Девочка-бомба: что скрывает невеста Федора Бондарчука

      Marriage famous Director, 49-year-old novel, and 28-year-old actress Paulina Andreeva lately does not discuss only the lazy. Fans admire the perfection of the couple, their perfectly matched bows to appearances, is noted as a blossomed Fedor next to a young wife… they Say a solemn event, and Fyodor Andreev has planned for this summer, however, while details of the holiday kept secret. Because the date already once had to move – because of the commotion around their relationship the hype.

      A stranger among his

      New year holidays Andreev spent with the novel, and soon they flew away for a few days in Prague.

      “They have a very romantic relationship – says “StarHit” colleague Paulina on the set of the film “Myths about Moscow” Denis Borovik. – Fedor watching his beloved, sometimes even secretly. It is evident that he is crazy about her. Tried to make sure she was always comfortable – and a jacket to throw over the shoulders, and hot tea will bring. Sometimes during the breaks they went to lunch at the nearest restaurant.”

      Paulina and Theodore long introduced each other to their parents. She also was the honored guest recitals mother of the groom – actress Irina Skobtseva, which took place in late January on the Small stage of the Moscow art theatre. Surrounded by Bondarchuk saying that the opinion of Irina Konstantinovna is always very important for Fedora, at the same time, she rarely gives him advice and never interfere in personal life.

      Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva has set a wedding date

      “The son of film Director Sergey at first wary of the choice of the father, – has told “StarHit” close pair. But Pauline was able to charm all. She has incredible energy, immediately likable”.

      However, last Andreeva, apparently, rarely used this quality. At school, the actress was the only friend with whom she continues to maintain a relationship.

      Девочка-бомба: что скрывает невеста Федора Бондарчука“Paulina, when it was still called Catherine, the class was a real “gang,” says classmate Andreeva Anastasia Obraztsova. – It consisted of four girls: Andreeva, Vlada Baykova, Ekaterina nepomnyashchaya and Ilona silk – she is our star and is friends still. Considered themselves to be Queens. Self esteem is such that Mama do not cry. All four of them from wealthy families, academic success were not different, but hooligans from the heart. The father of Paulina in those years was engaged in business, was co-owner of one of the Petersburg clubs, mother is a landscape designer in a private company. Parents gave her money to pay tuition at the theatre Institute. Among the students she did not Shine. Many students can’t even connect to that Kate, who was sitting with them at the next Desk to the one that is active in films”.


      Now the bride’s father Oleg Andreev engaged in sales, travels a lot, and in recent months the man spent in India, where he celebrated his 55th birthday. Paulina together with his younger brothers congratulated dad on the phone. By the way, one of them – Igor – followed in the footsteps of sisters – he is now studying acting at the Russian state Institute of performing arts. Andreev has always been very close with my brothers, parents, together with the father engaged in equestrian sport.

      “Oleh my regular customer – says “StarHit” his coach riding Aleksandr Kislenko. Several times I had to do with Pauline. It is perfectly kept in the saddle, listened to recommendations on how to behave with horses, how to manage them”.

      Perhaps these skills come in handy in the future Andreeva on the set. Environment pair considers her a Muse of a novel. And, apparently, the actress is really inspiring. And not only him. In recent times Directors want to see her in main roles of his paintings, and work with girls significantly increased. At the moment Paulina involved on the set of two major projects – the TV series “Sleeper” and “Better than people”.