Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике Well-known models, leading Actresses, and frankly told about the surgical procedures they underwent. The Studio program “live” in favor of Evelina Bledans, Anna Kalashnikov, Anna Grachevskaya, Victoria romanet and Olesya Malibu.

      Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике

      The stars of show business rarely dare to talk about moved their surgical procedures. But recently in the program “Talk show” of NTV celebrity made a Frank recognition. First, in the Studio appeared Evelina Bledans, which has increased its bust.

      Evelina Bledans increased breast for seducing men

      “My breast, “ate” children. And now she has recovered and again, as if “full of milk”. I’m tired of bras push-up,” shared host and actress.
      Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике

      Evelyn also spoke about the recovery after surgery. “I didn’t raise hands a week, because I was not. However, over time I started to do physical exercises. I also had three weeks to sleep on the back,” shared the star. Then Bledans went to Thailand, where one took control of your health, visit various treatments and dieted. With her rehabilitation took the son of Simon, who had planned the intervention of medical professionals.

      At the moment Evelina feels great and wishes he had the surgery before. In recognition Bledans, her husband forbade her to adjust the shape, therefore it is sometimes uncomfortable.

      The other beauty who decided to tell about the plastic, is a model and singer Anna Kalashnikova. Her appearance provoked a strong reaction from Larisa Kopenkina – ex-wife of singer Prokhor Chaliapin. The woman criticized the opponent. However, Anna did not panic and found the strength to tell about at what step it is decided. We will remind, recently Kalashnikova increased breast. She is very pleased with the results of the operation. She also admitted that an unidentified suitor has repaid its loan of six million rubles.

      Anna Kalashnikova increases the breast. PHOTO

      Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике

      Then the Studio came Anna Grachevskaya, which increased buttocks. She lay on the sofa, as she still cannot sit. “I have not had any problems. Husband happy… He needs to put a monument for what he all survived”, – said the leading. In the future Anna would like to correct your nose.

      In turn, Larisa Kopenkina said that soon there will be a new type of plastic surgeon. According to businesswoman, people may need surgery to increase the brain. In this case, four years would be the first to make an appointment.

      Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике

      After the revelations about Anna Grachevskii joined the discussion the star of “House-2” Victoria romanet.

      “I’m 27 years old, I had three rhinoplasty, I did the Breasts and injections in her lips, and also found veneers. I have also undergone various cosmetic procedures – Botox injections and hylauronic acid… initially I was not lucky with the surgeon, I messed up the nose, the second time I was unable to fix it, and after ex-boyfriend broke her nose, there was a third rhinoplasty” – said the brunette.
      Бледанс, Романец, Кравец и другие раскрыли всю правду о пластике

      Now Victoria is the owner of a luxurious bust of the third dimension. “My appearance brings me money, and my parents understood me. In a month I receive about 1.5 million rubles. I would have changed breast shape and increase her size,” she said. According to Romanets, she sincerely proud of her boyfriend – ex-participant of “House-2” Anton Gusev. The Studio program she called him a very brave and courageous.

      At the end of the program to the beauties joined Alena Kravets. The singer and socialite for the first time admitted that five years ago increased the Breasts. Now 3,5 blonde breast size. Surgery cost Allen 20 thousand euros.

      “Chest wanted to do to 19-20 years. Always been very fragile and dreaming of delicious forms. Of course, I do not force anyone to decide on the surgery, but it increases self-esteem,” – said beauty.

      However, it is not always the intervention of the surgeons you go girls good. Actress Olesya Malibu told that is experiencing problems in his personal life. “Plastic surgery does not contribute to a good marriage, a strong family and the favourite person”, she said.