Анна Хилькевич поможет Виталию Гогунскому устроить свадьбу The actress volunteered to organize the celebration. Anna Khilkevich your wedding Agency that deals with holidays. That is why the actress plans to take some of the responsibility to her colleague on the series “Univer” was memorable Banquet.

      Анна Хилькевич поможет Виталию Гогунскому устроить свадьбу

      Recently it became known that Vitaly Gogunsky is going to legitimize relations with Irina, Marco. “StarHit” first reported that in 2017, the pair will go down the aisle. Prior to this, the star of the TV series “Univer” and his fiancee survived a lot: the birth of a child, and parting, and the resumption of relations. Vitaly Gogunsky marry the mother of your child

      Giganskogo colleague on the series “Univer” Anna Lee knows firsthand how difficult it is to organize a wedding ceremony. A young woman was married to Arthur Volkov in August 2015. The actress was hard to combine active work and shooting in preparation for the big day. Anna and Arthur met up with Irina and Vitaly in a cafe, where in a friendly atmosphere discussed the plans. Lee shared a common frame in the microblog.

      “Riddle: there are two pairs. One is married. The other does not. Guess who’s got the wedding in late April? And who organizes it?” – humor signed the Anna.

      Fans of the actress and the TV series “Univer” gave a stormy discussion, under her post, noting that I would act from Giganskogo, who played the student Kuzya several seasons of the sitcom.

      “Kuzya is marrying the mother of his daughter’s happiness to all of you, you’re great”, “good job, guys. The family is sacred and it should be protected. To break – not to build. Life gives them a second chance just so,” “Mary organizes wedding, Kuzi, and of the fate of the characters in real life,” wrote a follower.

      We will remind that Anna Khilkevich have their own wedding Agency that helps the couple to realize any of their dreams. As noted by the organizers, Vitaly and Irina will be the first star.

      Vitaly Gogunsky has returned to Irina, Mirko last fall. According to the actor, he realized that he wanted to only be with this woman. Their daughter Milan was very pleased with the decision of the parents. The actor and his fiancee agreed to get married in April, as spring is the perfect time for such an event.

      “We really were always together. Ira – this is my destiny. And all that was except for experience. Yes, we do live again as a family, you may register the relationship in the future, get married,” – said Gogunsky “StarHit”.