Джордж Мартин признался в заимствованиях из русских книг для «Игры престолов» The writer revealed the secrets of the famous series of works. George Martin said, what ideas have helped in the creation of a cycle of novels “a Song of ice and fire”. The man spoke with the journalists and told about the attitude of the writers to contemporary fiction.
Джордж Мартин признался в заимствованиях из русских книг для «Игры престолов»

Recently, the famous writer George Martin arrived in Russia in order to participate in the St. Petersburg fantastic Assembly. Visit the famous writer who gave the world the plot for the popular TV series “Game of thrones” has become one of the topics discussed. Everyone wanted to learn a little more about the author of the books “a Song of ice and fire”, which formed the basis of the cult mnogoseriyki of modernity. One of the questions that interested journalists, was the awareness 68-year-old man of Russian fiction. As it turned out, the writer is not only familiar with the works of authors of our country, but even borrowed some details for his book.

“The corpse of Tywin Lannister and what he’s doing, borrowing from “the Brothers Karamazov”, I confess to only you, – said Martin. – I do not remember. But I did not read the Russian classics. Only in College — Dostoevsky, “War and peace”, then “Doctor Zhivago”. Tried to find a Russian science fiction, but nothing but the Strugatsky not found”.
Джордж Мартин признался в заимствованиях из русских книг для «Игры престолов»

American science fiction writer regrets that the genre in which he works, there is still no proper respect. However, he sees that the situation is gradually improving. As an example, the author of the book “a Song of ice and fire” brings big names such as Stephen king and Michael Chabon who were able to gain recognition and well-deserved awards of the literary community. George Martin complained about the heavy burden of fame

Джордж Мартин признался в заимствованиях из русских книг для «Игры престолов»“I do not know as in Russia, but in the States things are beginning to change. Of course, slow. Of course, I felt it in the 1970s, when I began to write, and even in the 1960s when he was still only a reader. Science fiction and fantasy no one then considered real literature, and my teachers kept asking me: “you’ve Got good grades and a head on your shoulders, why are you reading this stuff? Read the classics!” Today fiction taught and studied in colleges and universities across America. Including my books,” said George.

However, the man admitted conversation with the correspondent of the edition “jellyfish”, while his works are not included in the course “American literature 20th century.”