17-летняя дочь миллиардера Зияда Манасира выходит замуж Heiress one of the richest people of Russia is preparing to become the wife of her lover Rostislav Bagirov. Diana Manasir received an offer over the weekend in one of capital restaurants. Choice beauties worked hard to create a romantic atmosphere.

17-year-old daughter of billionaire Ziyad, Manasir Diana, who now receives education at a prestigious British school Queen ethelburga’s College, has received a proposal of marriage. The girl plans to marry their partner, 24-year-old co-founder of hedge Fund Rostislav Bagirov. The engagement of young people was held in one of the capital’s Italian restaurants.

The act of the second half was a complete surprise for the girl. When Rostislav went down before her on one knee with a treasured box, she was extremely surprised. After Bagirov suggested by the Manasir to legitimize the relationship, she did not think twice. Diana agreed without delay. She was impressed by the tokens of the beloved, which made a romantic dinner at a trendy Moscow restaurant.

In Instagram heiress of a wealthy investor has pictures made a memorable evening. Bagirov has not stinted on making a meeting with a sweetheart neckline and decorated it with rose petals, gorgeous flower bouquets and bundles of balloons in the shape of a heart. Privacy was completed with candles and lyrical music.

Now on the ring finger of the right hand of Diana will show off luxurious ring famous jewelry brand, known for its diamond jewelry around the world. Happy girl boasted decoration in one of the social networks. According to the Manasir, it was made to order.

Followers of Diana greeted her with a joyful event and wished all the best. “Be happy together”, “You’ll make a beautiful bride”, “Stunned”, “suddenly”, “You deserve it”, “Luxury couple”, “Cheers”, “No words” – discussed social media users.

Apparently, relatives of the girl already aware of her engagement and approve the selection of Diana. “My Princess” – this comment was left by the sister of the bride Ellen Manasir in the comments to the publication.

Note that Rostislav and Diana meet for about a year. For the first time about the beloved heiress one of the richest men in Russia (Ziad Manasir with a fortune of $ 600 million 140 takes place in the ranking of Forbes magazine), it became known in November last year. According to journalists, the young people met through mutual friends. After Bagirov graduated from MSU, he started the business. At the time, the Rostislav and Diana became one of the brightest pairs of ball of Tatler magazine. According to many, they look great together.