Nikolay Baskov released an intimate picture of Victoria and lopyrevoy

Николай Басков обнародовал интимный снимок с Викторией Лопыревой At the beginning of October this year, the famous singer would change the marital status and marry a blond model. In anticipation of this joyous event Nikolay Baskov issued a joint photo of Victoria and lopyrevoy and confessed my love for her.
Николай Басков обнародовал интимный снимок с Викторией Лопыревой

Singer Nikolay Baskov and his bride Victoria Lopyreva actively preparing for the upcoming wedding. A month ago the news of the celebrity wedding sparked heated discussion on social networks. However, the stars prefer to keep the intrigue and refrain from detailed explanations about the situation.

Recently, the famous singer shared his first for a long time a joint photo with the model. In the picture, which made a splash on Instagram, Nikolay Baskov gently hugs Victoria Lopyreva. The artist has surrounded the publication of expressive signature.

Fans of the singer found that he and Victoria look great together. Considered by many Basques and Lopyreva are an amazing couple. “Ken and Barbie”, “Get it away”, “Happiness to you”, “Cool”, “well Done”, “You are charming”, “Nicholas just blossomed from the love of Vick”, “Perfect for each other,” was discussed by fans of the artist.

Николай Басков обнародовал интимный снимок с Викторией Лопыревой

At the same time, some social media users, on the contrary, expressed doubts about the sincerity of the feelings of the couple. They drew attention to the fact that microblog Victoria virtually no joint shots with Nicholas. Himself a Basque, however, ignored the comments of spiteful critics.

Later Lopyreva clarified the speculation and ill-wishers published the frame with the artist. “That photo you’ve been waiting for,” said Victoria.

Formerly beloved artist Sophie of Kalcheva gave a Frank interview to journalists in which he admitted that he invited her to the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy. Brunette thinks that model, it’s time to change marital status and to create a strong family. Despite the fact that the Basque parted company with the dark-haired beauty, they continue to call and keep good relations. Moreover, Nicholas and Sophie continue to work on joint projects.

According to Kalchevo, Lopyreva is well-suited to her ex-lover. Brunette noted that Nicholas and Victoria is long familiar and regularly met at work. Sophie does not feel jealousy toward the blonde. During the conversation with reporters, she said that I broke up with Baskov without unnecessary quarrels and scandals.

While the young singer admits models of love, that, on the contrary, carefully avoided the topic of his personal life. In July, Victoria has published a controversial entry in the “instagrame” – excerpt from legendary “the Caucasian captive”, which States that there will be no wedding. Some saw in the post lopyrevoy comment about her impending wedding with Baskov. A blonde neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about the cancellation of the celebration than confused many fans. Ramzan Kadyrov reported on the wedding singer and lopyrevoy