George Clooney was struck by the incredible generosity

Джордж Клуни поразил запредельной щедростью
Met his future wife Amal, the actor has decided to settle with fate.

Джордж Клуни поразил запредельной щедростью

George Clooney


Best friend and partner George Clooney at the
business — Randy Gerber — told an incredible story. He said that several years ago an actor in a fit of generosity
gave friends $ 14 million!

“It happened in 2013. George then phoned
14 of his friends — a company which he called “the Guys”. He met them
even when I was just starting, and despite the fact that many of them
had no relationship to show business, George remained in contact with them a lot
years. And here told them: “Guys, mark your calendar for September 27. I
invite you to dinner!”

And when everyone gathered in his house, saw
right on the table, in the place of each guest is tightly stuffed black road
bag. Clooney said: “Remember when I first came to Los Angeles, I slept for
queue almost all of you. And many
helped me “re-spin” with the money. I want you to know how much
mean in my life. And if you hadn’t, I would not have achieved what I have
today. I am so lucky in my life that I met you! And today, I want to thank you for everything. Open your bags!”

“And when we opened them, it turned out that they
full of money. As it turned out, each was for a million dollars!!! We all literally speechless from the shock…” said Randy. And George after
a short pause continued: “I know we all have difficult times. I
been through it. And I want something
edit: so you don’t have to worry about how to pay the bills
for housing than to pay for the education of your children…” And he added that I had already paid
taxes on your gift, so that they can safely spend the whole million.

As told to Gerber, he categorically not
wanted to accept the gift of Clooney. After all, although he knew George as long as
the other, Randy managed to make a very solid state, and besides was married to not a poor woman, Cindy Crawford. He tried
to refuse, but Clooney said that the money will get all or none. “I
I had to accept this gift, and then of course I gave it to charity!” — said Gerber.

But perhaps the most curious in this story
read why George decided on this outrageous gesture in
September 2013. It was in September of 2013, his life took a fateful
event: he met his fiancee Amal fell in love with so much that
broke my own vow never to marry. And Clooney decided that it was
time to thank destiny for such a gift — to give your “karmic” debt. Between
by the way, his wedding to Amal George is not accidentally triggered in memory of this event is
on 27 September a year later.

George and Amal Clooney