The star of the show “heads and Tails” is getting married!

Звезда шоу «Орел и Решка» выходит замуж!
TV presenter Les nikitiuk preparing for the wedding.

Lesya Nikityuk

Photo: Instagram

The immediate host of the show “heads and Tails”
Lesya Nikityuk preparing for the wedding. After
as it became known about the imminent change in my personal life 30 years
Teleputeshestviya, fans put an end to the endless debates about
why a few months ago she left the popular program, without explaining:
temporarily or permanently.

Interestingly, the groom Lesya, who has traveled
the world and visited almost a hundred countries, became her housemate!

“It also had
to meet him at his apartment. He lives in my house, on the same floor —
we door to door for the past three years we have lived with each other through the wall but since
I often fly, we do not see” — said nikitiuk.

How is the name of her lover, and what he does,
the presenter was silent. Joint photos with her fiance in Instagram it
also does not publish. Calls nikitiuk and the wedding date, but willing to share
considerations about how it will look in the celebration. According to star, “eagle and Tails”, she would
I wanted to organize several weddings and get many