Ravshana Kurkova has pleased fans of “pregnant” photo

Равшана Куркова обрадовала фанатов «беременным» фото
The actress will become a mother, however, is only in the movies.

Photo: Instagram

Fans Ravshan Kursovoy be happy for my favourite actress — she has published in his personal blog a photo with the stomach, as she explained, her pregnancy is not real, but “cinematic”.

Kurkova is now removed in the new project of the known actor and Director Ralph Fiennes called “The White Crow” (“White crow”), which will be released at the end of next year. Shooting an international project held in the Leningrad region near lake Ladoga.

Who plays one of the most brilliant Actresses of Russian cinema in this film, it’s unclear. But one thing is evident for sure — the heroine Kurkovas is “interesting” position. And it is incredible!

Photo Ravshan posing with his friend, hairdresser and makeup artist of the project. Both according to the tradition, put his hands on the big belly of the actress. By the way, there is a sign, if the pet on the belly of a pregnant, soon he can prepare for the new addition to the family.

Fans hope that in the case of “cinematic” stomach sign work and Ravshan in the coming year, gives them news about her real pregnancy.

About the personal life of 37-year-old Kurkovas is not known to many. After breaking up with moviemaker Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin she never gave comments about his new chosen one. In August of this year, there were rumors that Kurkova officially married a fellow actor Stanislav Rumyantsev, who met during rehearsals of the play “Black Russian”. 27-year-old actor was struck by Ravshan in the heart and they were married. But the couple has not commented on the happy news.