George Clooney said that he had received from his wife on the 55th anniversary

Джордж Клуни рассказал, что получил от жены на 55-летие

May 6 Hollywood actor George Clooney celebrated his birthday. The movie star turned 55. On this occasion, George decided not to arrange magnificent celebrations, and met anniversary in the company of friends and, of course, his beloved wife, Amal.

Recently, journalists asked the stars of the movie “hail, Caesar”, what missus, he was presented with a gift. Clooney said that on the anniversary of he has got something very practical.

“In front of the house in England we have a beautiful lawn, — begins the story of the gift George. – When I was a kid, I loved to mow lawns. Knowing this, my friend bought me a giant lawnmower. Now that I’m home, I’m very glad that I can engage in their favorite work”, — summed up Clooney.

Original gift, is not it?

Recall that recently, together with Julia Roberts and Gwen Stefani, the actor became a member of “Car karaoke” James Korden.


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