Jessica Chastain talked about the suicide sisters

Джессика Честейн рассказала о самоубийстве сестры

Actress Jessica Chastain spoke about the tragedy that even many years later, still tormented her soul. In an interview with Modern Luxury Manhattan, the star of “Hunter: the Winter war” told me that was the cause of her sister’s suicide in 2003.

Says Chastain, Juliet has long suffered from problems with drugs and tried several times to kill herself, but each time failed. “She has long struggled with his addiction to drugs, — said Jessica. – She had many suicide attempts. But even if deep down you know that this can’t happen, you still don’t believe it will happen. And when your apartment phone rings… You just fall into a state of shock”.

Note that Juliet was the only completely native sister Jessica. The actress also has a half brother, will Chastain, who was born on her mom with another man, and stepsisters, Nicole Monasterio and Laci Smoot father’s side.

By the way, that the sister’s suicide was the starting point for the creation of Jessica an organization which helps people cope with depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts.

“Suicide Juliet has completely changed me as a person,”said Chastain at the end of the interview.

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