Evgeni Plushenko unable to include in the national team of Russia

Евгения Плющенко могут включить в сборную России

Two-time Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko can be included in the Russian team for the 2016-2017 season. Insists the coaching staff of the Federation of figure skating of Russia (FSFR).

“Plushenko recommended coaching Council. He already is preparing and is going to participate in the qualifying tournaments this season, so we’re going to leave him with us,” — said Leonid Khachaturov, Chairman of the coaching Council.
The final decision will be decided at a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Federation, the date of which is still unknown.
Recall that just last March, the athlete had surgery on the spine, but has repeatedly stated that he was not going to leave the sport and wants to protect the honor of their country. In October last year, Plushenko was added to the list of participants of the Russian team at the Olympic games in 2018, however, due to the state of health of his participation was in question.

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