Anastasia Stotskaya asked her not to write angry messages on the background of recent events

Анастасия Стоцкая попросила не писать ей гневные сообщения на фоне последних событий

Anastasia Stotskaya and several figures of domestic show business was entrusted important mission – to grade the contestants of “Eurovision”, which will be announced in the live final of the competition.

Stotsky is trust undermined when he posted a video in which she is depicted with his colleagues just at the moment when they carried out the task entrusted to them.

Anastasia’s actions could have serious consequences such as disqualification of Russia on “Eurovision”, but it was decided to consider only the suspension from duty of the Stotsky.

On his page in Instagram Anastasia left a message where he shared his thoughts on the matter: “Dear spectators! According to official data, the EBU did not recognize held me broadcast a violation of the principle of secrecy of judicial voting. I don’t regret that I was expelled from the jury. Such a decision in this situation was the correct one. I wasn’t supposed to take video and upload to social network actions of the jury, please, forgive me for this rash act, but was made without malice against the representatives of any country. Also my apologies to Armenia and the Netherlands. I was very worried that because of me Sergey Lazarev can disqualify. Glad everything worked out. You’re an absolute favorite! I wish you victory! And thank you Philip for your professionalism, chic setting.”

But his speech Stotsky not finished. The singer urged network users to stop baiting her, as he believes that her act is not worth the negative: “I beg you to stop writing nasty things, it hurts me, read above: I do illegal and horrible did not. The big request not to write insults under my photos, you will be immediately removed. Yesterday me and chastised enough as it is, stop it to continue. Let’s close this topic and focus your energy on Sergei, we wish him good luck in the final. Thanks to the people adequate and well who supports me, and anyone who tries to destroy me: you make me stronger.”

The latter include the former coach of Anastasia of Philip Kirkorov. In microblog, he said that such incidents nobody is insured, and he himself did not had the chance to experience something similar: “Anything can happen, this could happen to anyone, but you caught it (apparently, my scandalous karma and passed on to you, you’re my student;)! This too shall pass!”

Also Philip Bedrosovich called Cindy not to worry and not to worry because in a week this situation all will be forgotten.

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