Singer Aziz broke a 5 year engagement with her beloved and leaves the country

Певица Азиза разорвала 5-летнюю помолвку с любимым и уезжает из страны

The tale, about which so dreamed of the singer Aziza, and will not take place.

Today it became known that the actress and her boyfriend decided to break up, without bringing the matter to the official registration of marriage.

We will remind, five years, Aziz went to the brides. In 2011, Alexander made her an offer of marriage, to which she replied Yes. Now it’s all over. Here’s how the breakup says she ex-fiancée: “Exactly one minute ago, Alexander put all points over “and”. The engagement, which was five years ago, terminated. My mom never got to see his daughter’s wedding. But I never became a wife and mother. Compactly La Comedy. We are now officially free of all data informed each other of commitments.

Note that the parting with Alexander became the new shock of the singer, after the death of her mother at the end of 2015. Now Aziz is going to leave Russia, because, as she says here it holds nothing more: “I Decided to leave forever to another country. I live in the mountains. Here nothing holds. Mom is not. My husband is not. No children. Wanted to move to Ruza, where’s mommy now. But there is no way to finish their home. So there is no choice. It’s not emotions, it forced life changes. Mother died, Sasha fell out of love. In this situation don’t sing and not breathe. I am a strong person, but there is a limit!”

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