George Clooney revealed the secret names of their children

Джордж Клуни раскрыл тайну имен своих детей
The actor shared details of his personal life.

George Clooney


George Clooney, who still refrained from
stories about their children, finally decided to break my silence. In his last
interview 56-year-old actor revealed that his twins are quite similar — both externally
and in their characters.

Although the actor’s wife, Amal gave birth to daughter Ella and son Alexander in just 12 weeks ago, both
the baby, according to George, has already very clearly to show their individuality. “Alexander is a real big guy and the little thief. It is easy to imagine in
the role of “bouncers” somewhere in Hollywood. He has a good appetite and he is already
learned to sit!” said Clooney. “And Ella is the embodiment of elegance, and she just
huge eyes! Thank God, she looks like Amal… ” — with a smile told Clooney. As for
Alexander, it is, on the evidence, though not of the George, and his father,
looks just like his daddy. “The kid has a nose like George!” — says Nick

To the delight of fans, George said, finally, and
why he and his wife chose for the twins these names. Although many
thought Koni named children in honor of the famous conqueror Alexander
The great jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, it turned out that everything is much simpler. ”
really, we Amal are well aware that our children we would be
under the close supervision of the press and their every move will be tracked. So
we decided not to attract additional attention and give them at least
normal, normal names!” explained Clooney.

Although since the birth of the children of George and Amal passed
already a long time, as he admitted, he’s still adjusting to the new
situation in your home. “You know, I don’t believe that I really won
father until the very moment when I saw his children only
what came out of the womb and loud screaming! This was difficult for me
to be aware of. How is it that our Amal family had just consisted of two people, and
now suddenly we have four? “said Clooney.