VIDEO: Alice Grebenshchikova job of ice cream taster

ВИДЕО: Алиса Гребенщикова поработала дегустатором мороженого
The actress first got a taste for the unusual flavors of the dessert.

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Together with his son Alex Sabbath Alice Grebenshchikova held
at the festival “HALOFEST” in support of Yulia Peresild Fund “Galchonok”.
The theme of this festival chose the circus Tent, so the actress turned into
clowness, as well as Liza Arzamasova, Elena Nikolaeva and other celebrities.

Yuliya Peresild, Yuliya Snigir, Lisa Arzamasova was in a Circus Tent

On the summer stage Alice was voiced by the Soviet filmstrips, her
got the excerpt from the tale “the Wizard of oz.” And after actress
son, of course, went to the tray with ice cream and Grebenshikov for the first time
tasted the taste of “cinnamon Apple”.

By the way, despite the fact that this week the children had
just one day son Grebenschikova have asked lessons.

parade alle with the stars, which opened “HALOFEST” in the garden “Hermitage”,
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