Ирена Понарошку поскандалила с авиакомпанией
TV presenter wants to feel “normal” man.

Irena Ponaroshku

Photo: @irenaponaroshku Instagram Irena Ponaroshku

Irena Ponaroshku, as most of the stars of show business, makes every month a huge number of flights. TV presenter lives in two cities: Moscow and Los Angeles, and flies on business trips. Today, social networks were “a cry from the heart” Irene is an avid vegan. She went through his microblog to airlines with a request to change the menu on Board to feed passengers “edible” food.

“Vegetarian meals for you sucks! “Strict”, that “Asian” — impossible to eat and even smell! It was always so, just hit me just now! And for “normal” passengers all very tasty and beautiful! We know that because flight attendants regularly out of compassion give us the side dishes of “normal” people. I have the feeling that the main menu develop a Michelin-starred chef and special food technician school cafeteria who genuinely hates vegetarians and other ignatich! And how about the fact that baby food is a priori a ham sandwich?! There is even the option of vegetarian baby food!” — wrote Irene.

Incidentally, it’s not really very demanding on the question of power. For example, her son — Seraphim ate in kindergarten on a separate menu that takes into account all the views of Irena on proper nutrition. The TV star recently complained that her son is not very good appetite and sometimes she persuades him to eat. “Have to admit, despite all the books and listened to lectures on education, I still make the child eat! This is complete nonsense, I know… It’s wrong, but laid in childhood program a La “Till you finish — of the table will not work” and “Society of clean plates” did not let go!” — said Irena.