Galina Yudashkin will again become a mother

Галина Юдашкина вновь станет мамой The daughter of a famous fashion designer is to have a child next year. Galina Yudashkin and Peter Maksakov preparing for the replenishment of the family. Now the couple has a son, Anatoly, who was born in April of 2016.
Галина Юдашкина вновь станет мамой

In April last year, the daughter of the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin for the first time became a mother. She gave her husband Peter Maksakova adorable son. The boy was named after his grandfather of the spouse of Anatoly Dobrynin, a Soviet diplomat, known for his participation in the settlement of the Caribbean crisis. Galina Yudashkin and her husband want to become parents

“StarHit” I learned that in a short time, Galina Yudashkin will become a mother for the second time. Now it is at an early stage of pregnancy, but slightly rounded tummy was a little noticeable.

“Yes, She is expecting a baby, she is four months pregnant – confirmed “StarHit” surrounded by family. Marina and Valentin in the seventh heaven – they love the grandson, Anatoly, happy to help raise him. The grandmother goes with him to the zoo, walks in the Park. And now they’ll be twice happier. The sex of the baby is not yet known, but heard that Gal with the husband dream of a daughter!”

Fans will remember that after the birth of Galina quickly got rid of extra pounds, although she admits Yudashkin – the recovery was difficult. She had to go to the gym four to five times a week, eat right, and visit beauty treatments, including lymphatic drainage massage.

Six months after the birth of his son, Anatoly Galina Yudashkin has taken the place of the art Director of the fashion house of his father. She went to present the new collection at the fashion Week in Paris. It was there that the heir loud the names first introduced the toddler to the wider public – after the show she came out to bow to the audience with a child in her arms.

Galina perfectly combines work and care of the child. Together with her husband they are of the opinion that the education of children begins in two and a half years. Marina Yudashkin for the first time about her grandson: “the Boy is very well mannered and quiet”

“We are very relaxed parents in this regard: I myself do not like to impose anything, and don’t like it when someone imposes on me, so I searched long and hard for a pediatrician that will not irritate me with your “Soviet” looks. I think that the simpler the better. And live, and everything is still great,” – said Yudashkin in interview.