Kristina Asmus recalled how she became an actress

Кристина Асмус  вспомнила, как стала актрисой
The movie star told how her career began.

Photo: Instagram

Actress Kristina Asmus became famous after TV series “Interns”, where he played a major role, along with Ivan Okhlobystin, Ilya by Glinnikov, Alexander Ilyin, Vadim Demcom, Svetlana Permyakova, and many others. In many sources it is reported that to become an actress she decided after the child watched the series “Wild angel” with Natalia Oreiro. Someone once printed this “duck” — and since then all repeat it. Christine got so sick of it that she decided to tell me what was actually on your blog page.

“An actress I really wanted to be since childhood, she says. The specific age I do not remember, but it certainly has nothing to do with the series as written in Wikipedia (where, by the way, almost not a single word of truth about me). No one from the family had to work, lived in our large family very modestly. Parents vpahivat several jobs, I have ten years of professional experience in gymnastics in SC “Dynamo”, wrote verses, and very much wanted… After school there was no doubt where to go… I’m not engaged in the circles, do not know how to sing and recite poetry. Despite savagely in the gym, I actually grew up very shy girl. But I always knew that everything will turn out! Because this is my conscious choice!”

Today Kristina Asmus is considered to be very successful and popular actress, including the theater. On account of its already 15 films and she is busy with three performances. In 2013, she got married to popular comedian Garik Kharlamov, which only added to her popularity in the world of cinema and show-business.