Ex-husband of Masha Rasputina suffered from a serious illness

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной страдал от тяжелой болезни As journalists, Vladimir Ermakov could die as a result of the attack of epilepsy. According to neighbors, the men in the apartment, he was observed by doctors, but sometimes forget to take necessary medicines.
Бывший муж Маши Распутиной страдал от тяжелой болезни

A week ago, died, the former husband of Masha Rasputina, Vladimir Ermakov. The man had to take part in the filming of “actually” and to meet with the ex-wife. Journalists report that Ermakov could die as a result of attack of a serious disease of the nervous system. He suffered from epilepsy for nearly three years and was observed by doctors. There were days when Vladimir endured several seizures a day. According to friends, Ermakov sometimes forget to take my meds.

Shortly before his death. been working with young singers and trying to make them stars. However his work was not very successful. According to interlocutors of correspondents, the last time Vladimir had used alcohol and tried to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной страдал от тяжелой болезни

Heroes gear, similar to “actually” usually throw in different studios, so they may not know whether the other participant of the TV show filming. According to some, when Rasputin found out about the planned appearance Ermakova, she was outraged and left. According to another report, the star did not like the questions of the editors. The husband of singer Victor Zakharov does not hide that negative attitude to her former lover. In a conversation with “StarHit” he said that Ermakov has agreed to withdraw in order to “sling mud waving”. In the hearts Zakharov said that he died on the set.

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной страдал от тяжелой болезни“He refused the honorarium. They called an ambulance and brought him to the home of a deceased cohabitant. Today she was invited to she confirmed that he died at home,” says the man.

At the same time, employees of the First channel does not confirm information about the death of Ermakov in film studios. According to them, the ex-spouse of the singer was not present at the recording of the show, and on his death the editors of the program learned later.

The first channel has denied the death of ex-wife Masha Rasputina filming

According to new data, Vladimir Ermakov died last night in his apartment, which he shared with another room and another roommate. Shortly before the sad event, the man stopped to get out of bed and get to know people – this usually happened to him on the eve of another attack.

About 12 o’clock in the morning Samvel heard a long cry. Neighbors ex-wife of artist called an ambulance. When the man came into the room to Yermakov, I saw that he is unconscious and beats in convulsions. Arrived at the doctors failed to save Vladimir, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Бывший муж Маши Распутиной страдал от тяжелой болезни