Galina Yudashkin was the exact copy of mom

Галина Юдашкина стала точной копией мамы A young woman appeared together with her husband and parents at the wedding of friends. Fans noted that the successor of the famous designer are very similar to his beautiful mother. New hair color, according to fans, very is the star.

Galina Yudashkin not often experimenting with style: she almost never changed the hair color and haircut. However, after the daughter of the Maitre of the Russian fashion repaint, it became more and more confused with her mother. The similarity is noted and the fans and covered the young woman with compliments.

“Galina, you are a doll! Very similar to mother,” “the Incredible similarity of the two female generations of one family”, “mothers and daughters, even the outfits are similar,” commented fans family Udashkin.

At the wedding of Natalia Strozzi and Roman Lulkin the Maitre of the Russian fashion appeared in the company of his wife, daughter and son-in-law. Galina and Marina chose the outfits of the family brand, designed according to individual design. Ladies looked great in dresses of similar styles.

The actual celebration took place in Tuscany, and Galina Yudashkin decided not to leave Italy immediately. A young woman shared the photo of the beach where you stood in the green bikini. Fans said that the star looks looks great and appears to be completely back in shape after childbirth. However, there from subscribers did not escape the astonishing similarity of the successor of the star clan with her mother.

Fans came to the unanimous opinion that suited her new hair color. With him the image of a young woman began to seem more aristocratic. Heiress fashion brand decided not to completely repaint the blond curls, leaving the natural shade at the roots.

By the way, the wife of the chief Russian designer, Valentin Yudashkin Marina regularly receives enthusiastic compliments in its address, because the fans find it hard to believe that this blossoming woman has a grown daughter and grandson. Spouse couturier is not shy to show shapely legs and toned body, laying in Instagram photos in Flirty outfits.

In addition, the Marina combines often shares pictures with his beloved grandson. One-year-old Anatoly has long been the most discussed member of the star clan. Valentin Yudashkin has repeatedly held that loves the baby and tries to hold him more free time. The boy’s mother manages to not only raise his son, but also to work actively for the good of the family, the brand now Halina has been working at the position of creative Director at the fashion Empire of his father.