Sergei Zhukov is crowned after 10 years of marriage

Сергей Жуков венчается после 10 лет брака The actor and his wife say vows of love and fidelity. A couple have to go through all the necessary stages of preparation for the sacrament to all the rules of marriage in heaven. Regina Burd shared with “StarHit” the details of the upcoming event.
Сергей Жуков венчается после 10 лет брака

This summer in the family of the soloist of group “Hands Up!” there will be a happy event: Sergei and his wife Regina Burd were married.

Сергей Жуков венчается после 10 лет брака“Long way to the important decision – says “StarHit” Regina. – First, couldn’t do it, because Sergei was unbaptized. It took Christianity three years ago. And we began to discuss that would be nice to be husband and wife is not only officially, but also before God. But my husband constantly touring, concerts… This summer favorite found time.”

The Ordinance will be conducted by the priest of the temple “Great Ascension” at Nikitsky gate – the same one in which the oath of eternal love and fidelity was given by the poet Alexander Pushkin and his wife Natalia Goncharova.

Before the wedding Zhukov have to stick to three days of fasting. However, this will not be a problem, especially for Sergei, who in recent months limit itself in meal, which has already lost 24 pounds. And on the eve of the ceremony the couple will receive Holy communion and confess. It is recognized to be in Regina, it is nothing new, because every weekend she and her children – 8-year-old Nika, 7-year-old angel and her two year old Myron – attend the temple, where all these rites.

Guests of the ordinances will be the closest, among which – first of all relatives and godparents of the children of the couple. After may will host a small celebration. Now a happy wife awaited event and think through the details. For each of them is a serious step, and both sure are ready for it.

By the way, fans of Sergey Zhukov is well known, the adoration he is a favorite. The artist literally worships the mother of his children, devoting her poems, songs, and ardent love. The family of the musician considered exemplary, and their relationship, friends of the couple put in another example.

“I was lucky enough in 40 years to realize that with every passing day I am more and more in love with his wife. Yes, it happens. And it’s not “lusty”. Love it! To me it is never enough. Even if we are together 24 hours a day, still to me it is not enough. I find new facets of her magnificence, grace, wisdom, and care. I bathe in these feelings and completely happy with her and with our loved babies. I started to write more poems, songs, hits from. I’m back full of strength and energy,” admitted Sergei Zhukov.