Анастасия Костенко подружилась со свекровью Dmitry Tarasov was sent off to the country. Company the player made up his relatives and girlfriend Anastasia Kostenko. The young people had a wonderful time, enjoying outdoor recreation and each other’s company.

Midfielder of FC “Lokomotiv” Dmitry Tarasov decided to go away for the weekend from Moscow. The athlete went to the country together with relatives and beloved Anastasia Kostenko. Tarasov and his fiancee had a wonderful time, enjoying the fresh air and pleasant company. Dmitry shared with personnel outside the city, in his microblog. The photo that created a furor in social networks, man posing with loved ones, including mother Olga. Apparently, she was easily able to find common language with Anastasia Kostenko.

Anastasia Kostenko about the scandal with former lover: “We have long ceased to communicate”

“Output”, – said the footballer, accompanied by the publication of the hashtags “family” and “dacha”.

Fans Tarasova wished him a pleasant stay and found that the picture was very touching. “Well done, good luck to you”, “What a cool family you got”, “Cool”, “Beautiful”, “Everything is so natural,” was discussed by Internet users. At the same time, some of them, on the contrary, criticized the player for his publication. They continue to remember made a lot of noise divorce athlete with presenter Olga Buzova.

Note also that Tarasov continued to play sports while on holiday. Midfielder of “Lokomotiv” demonstrated his technique: male alternately sent to the basket basketball and soccer balls. Impressive video appeared on the website of the athlete on Instagram. Followers of Dmitry was impressed with his video. “Cool”, “Brother best”, “Oh”, “Professional”, “Good”, “Bravo” – they wrote. By the way, in the nearest plans Tarasova – the match for the Supercup of Russia which will take place on July 14. And four days later Dmitry will have to fight in the first game of the Russian Premier League season 2017/18.

Add that on 8 July Russia celebrated the Day of family, love and fidelity. On this occasion Anastasia Kostenko left wishes to fans in Instagram. “May the joy, light and goodness, love and harmony will be the main lights in your homes!” – with these words model applied to the subscribers. In addition, she shared a philosophical parable about the spiteful critics do not notice their own shortcomings and condemn others. “Before you criticize others, you must make sure that our hearts and intentions are pure. Not to mention the weather in the house. Only a miserable person would look into people’s Windows, as happy engaged in daily cleaning of my own!” – said Kostenko. Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko was suspected in secret wedding