Galina Yudashkin told about your pregnancy

Галина Юдашкина рассказала об особенностях своей беременности
The daughter of fashion designer cope with the ailment with the help of work.

Galina Yudashkin

Photo: @gyudashkina Instagram Galina Yudashkina

Galina Yudashkin, within a few months, expertly hid the pregnancy. Before the advent of the daughter of fashion designer at the fashion show Valentin Yudashkin in the framework of the fashion Week in Paris to anyone and had no idea that Galina is expecting her second child. The current pregnancy is, according to Yudashkina, much easier and “faster” than the first. The fact that now she has so much trouble that she doesn’t notice or morning sickness, or other “side effects” of pregnancy.

Galina has recently been taking a full part in the work of the fashion House. Yudashkin on a par with the Pope presents the new collection and opens new boutiques. Working moments plus taking care of a little son “eat” all the time Galina.

“This time, pregnancy goes by very fast, favorite son, many activities and events in the fashion House, flights, trips, even the morning sickness passed. The most active work is just ahead!” — said Galina.

Recall that the family of Galina and her husband Peter Maksakova have growing up one child. In April 2016, the daughter Valentina gave birth to a boy, who was given the name Anatoly. Couturier was incredibly happy to have a grandchild and looking forward to when you become a grandfather.