Shura goes under the knife for some serious injuries

Шура ложится под нож из-за серьезной травмы The singer will make the operation in Ekaterinburg. Shura is already seven years old is suffering from terrible pain, and finally decided to take action. Problems with the hip joint, it explains the frequent appearances on stage in extravagant costumes.

Singer Alex was incredibly popular in the 90s, but now the actor manages to draw a full house. However, the musician decided to suspend concert activity to take care of health. In a recent interview he said that he was forced to go to the doctors due to severe pain. In January, singer of the hit “Do good” going under the knife, after which it will undergo a two-month rehabilitation course.

“Hip Stoch. Blame my work on stage. I’m wearing heels all the time. And men generally contraindicated in heels to ride! If the female spine has somehow adapted to it, it is not male. My image ruined my health,” shared the actor.

It turns out that the Shura had to use painkillers injection to perform on stage. He can’t afford to go out to the audience in sneakers, because fans have long been accustomed to his outrageous images. The man said that did not specifically choose a Moscow clinic because there he will attract unwanted attention.

Shura turned to one of the best hospitals of Ekaterinburg, where they will spend about two months. However, before surgery he will have to work a few shows, including in the Kremlin. The artist emphasizes that he loves to perform on big platforms and are much more comfortable feeling on the stage of the little restaurants or clubs.

“I am not comfortable in large halls because of sore feet. Now health better, to recover, and you can think about the stadiums. They perform in cafes, restaurants across the country”, – said the musician.

Fans were quick to support the musician and to wish him a speedy recovery. “Alex, we look forward to hearing the new hits, so don’t hurt” “I Think everything will go great and soon he will again be on stage,” “Need health from an early age to cherish. Your love for the heels eventually turned into such problems”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the Shura.

The man himself admits that worried about emergency surgery. Earlier, the singer was seriously ill and after his victory over cancer has become much more sensitive to their own health. Despite this, in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alex said in March 2018, the year is going back to active concert activity.