Jude law loses all the rest of the hair

Джуд  Лоу теряет остатки волос
Passers-by did not recognize the actor.

Jude Law


New York, happened to be near the set of new woody
Allen was puzzled. Young actress taken in this episode, they learned without
labor — it was Elle fanning. But to identify her partner for filming, although he
them seemed vaguely familiar, it was possible far not at once. What was the surprise
witnesses of this scene when they realized that a middle-aged man with large
the bald patches on the head, sunglasses, baggy coat, worn over
elongated knitted cardigan is Hollywood star Jude law! Of course,
the makeup job on the actor’s look — it had aged. However, their work
was not too difficult, Jude and without their efforts now looks older than his 44
years. And most of all, perhaps, his old hairstyle. The once-spectacular thick hair
the actor left quite a bit.

Jude began
losing hair quite early: it was still noticeable in 2012, when he was
and even forty years. However, a year later, his hair seems to become a little heavier
what gave rise to the rumors that he “got” my hair. But, apparently,
this gossip was not true, as later the number
the hair on his head began again to decrease.

the actor seems to fully accept that going bald and getting older. Moreover, he even
glad of that! “I know that 20-year-old me not to play. Well, good, because that’s
it would be ridiculous. I no longer called “handsome” — and thank God! But
now I get interesting roles of heroes who are over 40!” said Lowe, who during his life had become a father of five children from three different women, in
his recent interview.

the new woody Allen film, which starred Jude, you know about him
while very little. This yet unnamed project, the story which the creators keep
secret. However, it is reported that in addition to Lowe and Elle fanning, the film employed
Selena Gomez, Diego Luna, Liv Schreiber and former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio Kelly Rohrbach.