Galina Yudashkin gave birth to first child

Галина Юдашкина родила первенца

The famous Russian designer Valentin Yudashkin, whose works cannot fail to impress you with its beauty, became a grandfather.

Today it became known that the daughter of fashion designer Yudashkin Galina in one of the prestigious hospitals of new York gave birth to a boy, whom they named Anatoly.

Shortly before the birth Galina told the press that some weighty reasons why she wants to give birth in America, no. It was nothing more than her whim. By the way, unlike many mothers, Yudashkin prefer to go through childbirth the way nature intended it, and therefore abandoned the use of epidural anesthesia.

Galina’s husband, Peter Maksakov, not present at birth, but the moral support of his beloved in such an important and crucial moment at the door.

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