Rammstein wants to recover from his native country of 66 million euros

Rammstein хочет взыскать с родной страны 66 тыс. евро

The claim to their Homeland. German band Rammstein is suing Germany and requires his country’s interest in the amount of 66 thousand euros as compensation for the damage suffered by the staff due to the temporary ban of the album “Liebe ist für alle da”.

The conflict between Rammstein and the establishment of a Federal censorship began in 2009, when the group released their new album. Cover of Studio album seemed to representatives of the institution as immoral and calling for violent behavior. Because the record was banned in Germany to implement. One and a half years of proceedings, the administrative court of Cologne recognized that his actions Federal censorship institution has violated the rights of Rammstein the free expression that is spelled out in the Constitution.

Then, the plate was back on store shelves.

How to tell the musicians, then they suffered huge losses though, because they not only sold the planned number of disks, but because they had to destroy 85 thousand disks ready.


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