On Miley Cyrus committed a brutal attack

На Майли Сайрус совершено жестокое нападение
The singer suffered head and hands.

На Майли Сайрус совершено жестокое нападение

Miley Cyrus

Photo: Instagram.com

На Майли Сайрус совершено жестокое нападение

Photo: Instagram.com

The last few
publications of Miley Cyrus in her Instagram became a real challenge for
the faint of heart. The controversial singer has captured the consequences of the brutal attack on… her own cat! Body and face Miley suffered from sharp claws
animal, as she and told its subscribers.

Judging by the pictures,
most from aggressive cats went head pop singer. Pussy gashed forehead Miley, and then I yanked her hair. In addition, Cyrus has posted photos of the deep wounds from the claws and on her hands. This behavior from Miley’s favorite cat would not have expected. It is known,
what singer has a weakness to all living beings on the planet. She loves
their Pets and never punishes. Some time ago
for these reasons, she even became a vegetarian. Cyrus stopped eating meat, wears fur and has been actively promoting these ideas to her fans.

Was next to her in
the time of the attack her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, is unknown. However, it is possible to
safe to say that now the planned wedding of a couple that is so
fans waiting for Miley will have to postpone. And while the wounds of Cyrus, obtained from a cat
will heal, Hemsworth will be able to continue the process of reformation of its
the bride. Many fans noticed that after Miley and Liam announced
that they meet again, the scandalous antics of the singer became in times less.
She began to dress much more modest, isn’t posting Nude selfies on
Instagram and devotes much time to the practice of yoga.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Photo: Fotodom.ru

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