Galina Rzhaksinsky tormented by doubts before the wedding

Галина Ржаксенская мучается сомнениями накануне свадьбы The girl asked for help in choosing the dress to the fans. Galina Rzhaksinsky in early November, is getting married to her fiancé Eugene Gromov. The triumph of the future, the couple decided to organize in Venice.

      Finalist of the show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky will soon go away. Despite the fact that she failed to achieve personal happiness with the famous showman Timur by Batrutdinova, she was able to find a soul mate outside the project. Galina met with Yevgeny Gromov last year, and in may received his proposal of marriage. She is now full swing preparing for the wedding and chooses a wedding dress. Galina wants to find the same outfit in which she will look perfect. Apparently, she herself can not decide what dress suits her more, so she encourages all of his fans.

      “I see that you like to participate in my choice. What do you say now? I read all your comments,” wrote Rzhaksinsky and published a video with a fitting. Prior to that, she shared the pictures, which appeared in other outfits.

      Fans were flattered by such attention to their opinions, and therefore become more actively discuss dresses Galina and advise which of the outfits to face her more. “This is, in my opinion, the best of all those. Gorgeous”, “You’re magical! Incredibly beautiful and feminine! Nice to tears to see such beauty”, “You are beautiful in all the dresses, they are very becoming. Choose a dress with your heart, it must you suggest and make a choice” – he left his comments subscribers.

      Galina Rzhaksinsky plans to tie the knot with your lover in the romantic Italian city of Venice. However they only organize the ceremony, and will carry out the photo shoot. An important event in the life of a finalist of the show “the Bachelor” will happen in early November. Now Galina is busy pleasant troubles. Not so long ago Rzhaksinsky arranged a bachelorette party. On the advice of the mother’s husband and his sisters the girl walked with her girlfriends in the bath.

      Despite the fact that Galina and Evgeny’re not married yet, a man control his beloved. A girl can’t afford to be without communication because the groom is nervous, when he doesn’t know where and with whom is his fiancee. Even on vacation with friends she stares at the phone screen to not miss a call. Fiance Galina Rzhaksinsky plagues her jealousy