Julia Savicheva appeared after the disappearance

Юлия Савичева объявилась после исчезновения Artist long gone from social networks. Yulia Savicheva has told fans what she’s been doing in recent months. Fans were delighted that their favorite singer once again shares details of his life.

      Popular singer Julia Savicheva is always willing to communicate with her fans and regularly share with them photos from life. The last two months she did not appear in social networks, and ceased to speak at larger venues. Fans were concerned about this behavior of the actress and tried to guess what has caused such a lull. But now the page Savicheva again “alive” and now is filled with bright images and stories of the singer on her life.

      Julia explained why she decided for some time to hide. She said that all forces were sent to work.

      “Dear diary! I know, don’t be offended. Even just write your thoughts at times need to rest. You know, over the last three years, I finally got some sleep (don’t laugh, I’m serious!) Now I’m always in motion, traveling through the most picturesque places. Even a little tanned”, – said Savicheva fans.

      Fans were happy that their favorite singer is back to communicating with them. “So glad you came for such a long waiting time. Very waiting for your new songs, your concerts. Thank you for not forgetting about his fans” “the Most wonderful you rest, strength and inspiration for the album! And we are always with you! Very loved and always welcome!”, “Yul, don’t worry about us, we’ll wait. Give yourself the attention and rest,” wrote fans.

      Savicheva also admitted that she is a very hard and effective working on a new album. According to her, she often reworks the already recorded tracks to make them perfect. Apparently, very soon Savicheva will present to the public new songs. Now, after rest and active work on the album, the artist promised not to disappear for a long time from social networks.

      “The holiday is well and good, but Moscow is waiting for me. And not only in Moscow. Lost, worried. You know, dear diary, it is certainly nice when you misses so many people, but if you knew what a responsibility. Honestly, I, too, have missed. Soon I will be,” wrote Julia.