Yulia Nachalova about breaking up with her husband: “I was hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything”

Юлия Началова о разрыве с мужем: «Я надеялась, что Саша сможет все изменить» The singer frankly told “StarHit” on the causes of family breakdown. According to Yulia Nachalova, some time she believed that they with Alexander Frolov will be able to save the relationship, but as it turned out, the man was not interested in it.

      Recently, the 35-year-old Yulia Nachalova confessed to his Instagram that he and 34-year-old hockey player Alexander Frolov, striker Nizhny Novgorod “torpedo”, officially no longer a couple. The relationship of athlete and singer, which lasted about six years, stalled, and they decided to leave. “StarHit” I contacted Julia to find out the reasons for her sudden breakup with her lover.

      “Some misunderstanding, estrangement, we had a few months ago, admitted to “StarHit” Nachalova. – As Sasha stands for hockey club from Nizhny Novgorod, then mid-summer he left for camp and their time spent there. As a long-distance relationship is not an easy thing. Although I always went to him. In Omsk, where he played in the “Forefront” also flew several times a week. But at some point we stopped calling each other, although I was on the phone regularly, exchanging news, was interested in the cases, moods, plans.”

      Gradually, the fellowship of Nachalovo and Frolova almost stopped. “I had been expecting him to call, some reaction, a step forward, hoping that Sasha will be able to change everything. But I guess our feelings just faded. And I decided that I need closure and just move on,” continues the singer.

      According to relatives of the actress, her decision she is not going to change. Although fans of Julia a few years was hoping to congratulate favorite singer with the wedding. Saying that Frolov is even made her an offer of marriage, giving an engagement ring on her 33rd birthday. However it became known later that the celebrations will not be. “All the time. Faster to run down the aisle as you do not want. Our life together is no different from a legal marriage. But if we do decide to legalize the relationship, the ceremony will be modest and quiet,” admitted Nachalova in an interview.

      After the break with the civil spouse Julia went to rest and gain strength in Israel, where he spent several days at sea. Back, appeared on the award “Breakthrough of the year”, organized by Oksana Fedorova. Guests of the event noted that the singer looked relaxed and was in a good mood – communicated with colleagues and friends.