Galina Rzhaksinsky became a mother

Галина Ржаксенская стала мамой The ex-contestants of “the Bachelor,” a daughter. Happy young woman reported the good news to the fans in the microblog. Rzhaksinsky gave birth in Russia, in one of perinatal centers. Galina and her husband Eugene Gromov accept congratulations.

The finalist of the popular show “the Bachelor” Galina Rzhaksinsky became a mother of a charming baby. The heiress of a young woman and her husband Evgeny Gromov was born on October 15. About the joyous event, a young mom told subscribers of his microblog. Galina has published in Instagram video, which podgovorennye her Gypsy tells Eugene that over time he will become a dad.

“So I said that eight months will be our surprise. And today we became parents of our Princess,” wrote Galina Rzhaksinsky in the microblog.

Members of the young mother immediately began to congratulate her husband with the happy event. They say they are very happy for Galina and her family.

“Tick, I congratulate you heartily! Good health to you and the Princess!”, “I congratulate you on this joyous occasion, Galya!”, “I wish you happiness, health and enjoyment from this miracle”, “Galina, very nice to look at your family, always so positive. I congratulate her and wish only happiness”, “Congratulations! Happiness to your family! Good health to your little angel! Be happy! Happy motherhood” – responded to the news of the birth of his daughter Galina fans Rzhaksinsky.

By the way, a young mother while nothing else is reported of a newborn daughter. Probably fans need to be patient and wait for the finalist of “the Bachelor” will tell itself. As you know, Rzhaksinsky behaves quite openly and doesn’t like to make no secret of the obvious things.

So, as an expectant mother, Galina gladly shared the details of pregnancy. She revealed to fans their fears and weaknesses that she had because of an interesting situation. The expectant mother told me how she prepares the nursery which trousseau buys for the baby. Did not Rzhaksinsky and hide from followers the sex of the baby. Some time ago she said all that awaits the girl.

Earlier Rzhaksinsky told me that is not going to linger long in the decree. A young woman a lot of plans, and she wants to build a career. In the first months of life of the daughter to help her care for the baby will be her mother.