Sergei Yushkevich: “my Wife always trusts”

Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет» On the TV channel “Dомашний” starts detective “Disappeared”. The plot is based on the unexpected turns the fate of all the characters. The role of one of the most controversial characters of the film played Sergei Yushkevich. The actor told “StarHit” about the shooting and revealed their personal secrets.
Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»

On Monday 16 October, on TV channel “Dомашний” starts detective “Disappeared”. The main role in the film was played by Anna Snatkina. The actress plays Kate Savelyev, whose life suddenly collapses – the groom was gone, kicked out from the apartment, and she is in prison on murder charges. Suddenly someone makes for her bail, and near the house of the heroine waiting for Pyotr Kulagin, a lawyer and influential businessman Igor Pashkov, the role of which performs Kirill Grebenshchikov. Kulagin offers Kate a deal – she needs to disappear. Savelyev agrees, not knowing what lay ahead of her meeting.

Sergei Yushkevich played lawyer Peter Kulagina. The soft and quiet voice of the artist make the viewer believe in his dedication and unconditional service to the client, however, it is not so. Sergei told about the hero, the artist also revealed in an interview with “StarHit” the most personal of matters.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»“My character is very interesting, with a tinge of slovesnosti. I hope that it will turn out ambiguous. He is such a faithful dog, serves as home of the main characters faithfully for decades. In my Kulagin many and bright, and dedicated, but at some point he begins to hatch a plan on how to build a life”, – told the artist.
Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»

According to the actor, it is very different from the hero. “I’m not going heads. I am selective. If I see that someone is trying to get ahead, I always leave, then the person needs more than me. It is the degree of despair, when a man pushes you to be the first. Well, good luck, I always stand back and smile. My hero – stacker pavement, do not swerve out of the way. He needs someone in front of him, even if it’s close people”, – said Sergey.

The actor shared details of his personal life which hides from the public and journalists. “Romanov was a little, – says Sergey. – Later got married, because I wanted to do this once and for all life. After 30 I met Lena, and now we’ve been together 18 years and there was not a single day when I would regret this meeting, I hope Lena has the same feelings. I really wanted to find really my man and I am absolutely sure that I found her,” said Yushkevich.

According to the actor, the wife is not jealous of his peers. “Today we’re going to play in the play where I have three sex scenes with different Actresses – with Alena Babenko, Chulpan Khamatova and Yevgeny Simonova. My wife is very loving and trusting person and any suspicion on her part and there can not be,” said Yushkevich.

Sergey grew up without a father, the main value that was instilled in him by his mother in childhood – is of interest to life in all its manifestations.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»“Mom taught me to enjoy every day. She had such a great phrase that is still often saves me in some situations: “Poor is not he who has little, but who wants to have more.” This is a very correct wisdom to maintain life balance. Love of life, people who surround you – it is certainly what I’m teaching daughters. Even when in school they have the unpleasant things happen, for example, with classmates, I always encourage them to weed out all the bad and stay with the good, and to live with this and develop,” said the actor.
Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»

Daughter of the famous actor actively engaged in the English and German languages, acrobatics and performing arts. “I didn’t even have to convince them to go somewhere. I’m sort of struck by the phrase Darina, she said in the second or in the third grade. She said, “Daddy, I dream that I have not had a single second of free time.” And I said to her; “Dares if in 30 years you will be President of our country, I would not be surprised”. I think even that we have a lot of classes. Need to rest time to also leave. I recently took at school, her satchel, and quite frankly was amazed at how heavy he is. It is incredibly heavy even for me, and then he has to bear a girl of 13 years. To me this was not her age,” said Yushkevich.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»

Sergey admitted that he never faced real tragedy in life.”Those I love are alive. Must have been a sad situation, but something like that to scare me was not. I’m not afraid of anything, you can call yourself a happy person”, – said the actor “StarHit”.

Сергей Юшкевич: «Жена мне всегда доверяет»