The father of the eldest daughter of Rasputina before his death, languished in poverty

Отец старшей дочери Распутиной перед смертью прозябал в нищете Ex-husband of the famous singer allowed in the apartment guests. Vladimir Ermakov died in early October. Friends of the musician spoke about his disastrous financial situation, which he eked out the last years of his life.
Отец старшей дочери Распутиной перед смертью прозябал в нищете

In early October it became known about the sudden death of the former husband of the singer Masha Rasputina and the father of the eldest daughter, Lydia, Vladimir Ermakov.

Ex-husband of Masha Rasputina died show backstage Shepeleva

About how shortly before his death lived a man told his friends. The Concierge Moscow high-rise building, where Ermakov was a two-bedroom apartment, revealed that due to the needs of the former spouse Rasputina was forced to share housing with tenants. In one room lived the owner and his beloved woman, a violinist Svetlana, the other two constantly gave up.

“Normally he lived, not to drink or smoke, the Light around him was,” the Concierge told in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” of NTV.
Отец старшей дочери Распутиной перед смертью прозябал в нищете

Pension for life Yermakov is obviously not enough, and he was tutoring.

The cause of death of Vladimir Ermakov discovered his close friend. Version of women, he died at home from an attack of epilepsy. “He has aged, the attack began. The roommate called an ambulance, but doctors were unable to save the film. I’m not blaming anybody. How it happened – it happened,” said Svetlana the program “You wouldn’t believe!”

According to the woman, Ermakova body was cremated. A funeral was involved in Vladimir’s son from his first marriage, Alex. Daughter Lydia and her mother Masha Rasputina at the funeral Ermakova was not. It is said that the singer was notified about the death of the former spouse text message.

However, the lack of Rasputina on the parting did not surprise anyone. Singer and musician after the divorce is not communicated, and any attempt to reconcile them ended with scandals. After separation of the spouses, the stumbling block was the daughter of Lida. Ermakov was accused of Rasputin that she gave the heiress in a mental hospital and sold her apartment. Representatives of the stars showed Yermakov similar charges. The man did not give rest the fact that Masha Rasputina is awash in luxury, and it is languishing in poverty.

Friends of Vladimir Ermakov hope that Lydia will come to the grave to the father. After all, she was able to reconcile with my mom. Probably Masha Rasputina will help her daughter to fight for the inheritance of the father. Apartment on Ermakova, a $ 10 million roubles claimed by the son. Man, according to neighbors, has managed to change the locks.