Fyodor Bondarchuk introduced the bride with her grandchildren

Федор Бондарчук познакомил невесту с внуками The Director appeared with people close to him at the premiere of the cartoon. The first screening of the film “Boss-whipper” was held yesterday evening in one of Moscow theaters. Bondarchuk voiced the main character animation.

      Федор Бондарчук познакомил невесту с внуками

      On the eve of the premiere of the animated film “Boss-whipper”. One of the characters in the picture, business baby of an ordinary American family, voiced by Fyodor Bondarchuk. In the English version of baby says by the voice of Alec Baldwin.

      The first showing of the film the famous Director came along with her granddaughter Margarita and Vera and fiancee Paulina Andreeva. This event does not remain without attention of journalists and other guests, as previously Bondarchuk has never shown that his fiancee is familiar with kids. The girls also looked after grandmother Margaret Mamiashvili.

      Paulina and Theodore was in an excellent mood and readily agreed to be photographed with other young viewers. Andreyev tries to follow the man she loved at all loud premieres. Many friends of the pair have repeatedly noted that beside actress movie star literally younger. Rumor has it that this year the lovers plan to get married.

      Girl bomb: the bride that hides Fyodor Bondarchuk

      Федор Бондарчук познакомил невесту с внуками

      As told Bondarchuk, a cartoon character very similar to his granddaughters. They just run the house, telling adults what to do. Filmmakers agreed to voice the character because he liked the concept of the cartoon. According to Fyodor, “the boss” has the ability to laugh at himself. Bondarchuk specially flew to new York to record voice and worked in the Studio with Baldwin.

      The whole story in the animated film centers on behalf of the brother of the main character, the dreamer Tim, who is jealous of the baby to the parents. The child has leadership qualities and sees all the business projects. In the cartoon, Tim and his younger brother will save the parents and try to restore order to the Land. In addition to Alec Baldwin, heroes voiced by Steve Buscemi, Lisa Kudrow, Jimmy Kimmel and Tobey Maguire.

      Ekaterina Klimova, Olga Kabo, Ekaterina Velichenko, Natalia Ionova, Evgeny Popov brought to light their children, who did not hesitate to pose for photographers together with famous parents before showing the animation.