Chuev has signs of attention to “clone” Afrikantov

Чуев оказывает знаки внимания «клону» Африкантовой Ex-reality show participant has chosen a new beloved. Recently, the man became increasingly mention Lisa Korobovskoe in the social network. Some followers have noticed that it is very similar to his former lover, Marina Afrikantov.

      After breaking up with Marina Afrikantov Andrey Chuev went head first into work. He is engaged in construction of cottages and tells the followers of his microblog about what technologies are used in the construction of houses. However, from time to time, the former participant “Houses-2” refers to the aspects of communication with the followers name, a sexy blonde Lisa Korobovskoe.

      24-year-old girl took part in the filming of the project “Dom-2. The island of love”. She spent several months in the Seychelles. Probably on one of the sites, Lisa and Andrew met each other. Korobovskaya lives in St. Petersburg and came for a few days in the capital. “So warm me, Moscow has not yet been met”, – the girl admitted in his microblog.

      Some time later, the exact same frame posted Andrey Chuev. Some fans said that Lisa is very similar to the Marina Afrikantov, with whom he recently ended the relationship.

      “How beautiful you are, youth and become ready with you to play, because years back, but if you’re near, I feel younger and be next to worthless, I bitnum decrepit and sick, you make me crazy. Ah, youth, how taste your sweet, intoxicating smell, my brain is biting you and caresses, but in life anything can happen” – such words were written by the entrepreneur, laying the ex-member of telestroke.

      Followers Korobovskoe immediately determined that she went to visit Chuev. After the project, the blonde tried to build a relationship with Arthur Ratner, but they do not get along. In one of the posts Lisa told me that she loves gay guys. “Sometimes they are too carefree, but with them always a smile on her face. I shouldn’t judge by appearances, but I love tattoos, and if this guy is still high and, with him, like a stone wall” – shared striking blonde.

      By the way, Andrew always had a good sense of humor. Many subscribers men love to watch his live broadcasts on social networks, where it is sometimes sharply expressed about other members of the reality show. According to ex-wife Chueva, Marina Afrikantov, he was sometimes too harsh. “I often asked myself if I’m happy with Andrew or not. And it turned out that I only happy when Andrei is in a good mood when I agree with everything – when he says something I’m doing, where he went and I when I do not contradict him. He’s in a good mood and everything is fine. But if something is wrong, I Express my opinion or offer advise, God forbid, to make a comment, my life turns into hell,” said the girl.