Maria Poroshina was interrupted by a decree from the debts

Мария Порошина прервала декрет из-за долгов The actress explained why she came out of maternity leave six weeks after the birth of their fourth child. In addition, Mariya Poroshina told about the nature of the charming Babes Glafira, who recently turned a year.

      In February of last year, the family of Maria Poroshina was a joyful event. The actress became a mother for the fourth time. The woman and her husband, actor of the theater “Contemporary” Ilya Drevnov, celebrated the birth of a charming daughter, who was named Glafira. Six weeks after the birth into light Poroshina went back to work. In late March, the celebrity took to the stage, taking part in a private performance of “Unfinished novel”. During the meeting with journalists the Director Natalia Bulygina noted that the audience was waiting for the return of the stars, and she has quite a difficult schedule.

      Recently, Maria Poroshina gave an interview to journalists. Celebrity said about a charming little girl, and why so quickly returned to service after delivery. As an actress, she had certain agreements with theatrical producers, who did not want to break. Star thought that brings colleagues. So Maria decided not to stay on maternity leave. And that the child does not feel deprived of maternal attention, Poroshina invented a special scheme. She took care of the food Glafira, who was in another city.

      “The birth of a child is a miracle. Comes into the world a new person with its own character, unique personality, and every day you recognize him and are attached to it. The girls were excited after seeing little… off To work I went through a month and a half – it was necessary to pay the debts of the performances that have accumulated due to pregnancy and childbirth, but on the road was decanted, poured milk in bags, frozen in the fridge and Glasha were sent to Moscow by the train conductor,” – said Maria.

      According to Poroshina, her youngest daughter is very calm and almost no problems parents. In addition, despite his age, Glafira never ceases to amaze his “adult” attitude towards the world. “It would seem quite small, knows nothing, can not even speak and already a prominent character and it is clear that the growing person,” said the actress.

      Recall that Glafira was the third common child of Maria Poroshina and Ilya Drevnov. The actress was hiding to the last happy event in the family, masking interesting position spacious outfits. By the way, the celebrity took the time to go on maternity leave: she worked right up to the Jan. “Interestingly, about her pregnancy I learned to take on the huge amount of work – performances, film. A child is never on time, but it is such a joy!” – Maria told the magazine “Caravan of stories”.