Федор Бондарчук познакомил невесту с семьей
Paulina Andreeva quickly found a common language with relatives of the Director.

With fiancee Paulina Andreeva

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Despite the fact that 27-year-old Paulina Andreeva has not yet officially became the wife of 49-year-old novel, it seems that in his family it was finally adopted. The Director went with his bride on vacation on the Spanish resort of Marbella, where the rest of the family, his son Sergei, and introduced to Paulina with your favorite granddaughters Margot and Vera. On hearings, Sergey for a long time did not forgive to the father of divorce, and even allegedly put an ultimatum: either marriage to a young actress, or meeting with her granddaughter. But now, apparently, Paulina found a common language with the family of the groom, the differences are left behind, and Theodore enjoy a family idyll.

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