Машу Вебер разочаровал королевский курорт The singer and her husband went on their honeymoon. Before travelling to Monaco, the pair travelled to Italy, which really impressed Mary. As recognized by the ex-soloist of group “Tutsi”, stay at the Monte Carlo it’s hard to call fabulous, as many are accustomed to think.

      Just days ago, singer Mary Weber and her partner were married in one of the elite Golf clubs of the capital. The lovers were United together in marriage in the presence of family and friends that even a few days after the celebration shared their impressions of the holiday and did not get tired to send words of support and sincere congratulations to the pair. A few days later Mary and her husband Sergei went on a honeymoon. For such an important reason they chose Italy. The couple settled on a site overlooking the picturesque lake Como. For several days the ex-soloist of group “Tutsi” published colourful pictures from the trip and admitted that he was in this tale. Mary Weber married in a luxury Golf club

      To the surprise of many, to stay permanently in one country, wife did not – Masha and Sergey went to a neighboring state – the Principality of Monaco. The largest area of this country – the Monte Carlo is a favorite destination of the rich and stars from around the world. Everyone who ever visited this place, definitely come back here again and shared impressions of stay in this Paradise. However, Masha Weber, the Principality is not liked. The young woman said that not happy with local restaurants, entertainment centres and infrastructure.

      “Monte Carlo was not impressed, and cafe de Paris seemed landside eatery. Especially the audience. And that casino allowed in beach clothes, too, surprised me. Maybe Italy spoiled me, but I’m really not happy,”- explained his point of view of the singer.

      Subscribers microblog Weber immediately responded to such an unexpected statement. Many have decided that the star do a few spoiled luxury resorts, one of the most beautiful places on Earth she didn’t have to taste. “You’re stuck, it’s cool”, “Capricious”, “what you want, and go to the casino. Even in a swimsuit or tunic,” leave your feedback fans of the singer. Probably soon, the couple again moved to another location, but about future plans Weber still details not reported.

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