Gluk’oza openly talked about the relationship with her mother in law

Глюк'оZа откровенно рассказала об отношениях со свекровью
The singer wishes the happiness of his family, no matter what.

Глюк'оZа откровенно рассказала об отношениях со свекровью

Natalia Ionova with her mother in law Tamara

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

In recent times the name Natalia Ionova often glimpsed in the scandalous headlines. The actress is “addicted” to the publications of candid shots in his microblog, which often appears before the public half-naked. Fans long wondered what thinks about this bold behavior of her mother-in-law? Recently, Natalia gave the answer to this question by telling about his relationship with mother and husband.

“It seems so different with Tamara Chistyakova. She is honorary Professor, doctor of Sciences, head of Department and a long time it is possible to list them all! Well, you know me… But I’ve never felt this difference, because we always find common themes, attitudes, and we look in one direction! The happiness of our family!” — said the singer.

Natalia Ionova with her husband and mother-in-law

Photo: @chistyakova_ionova (Instagram Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova)

It seems that the mother-in-law Natalie got really perfect. In fact, except for understanding the behavior of mothers of their grandchildren, which is not always exemplary, she never fit into the relationship of son and daughter-in-law. “Squeezed our Alexander. But never shared. Respect to those women who understand that they give birth to a son. These are the sons become real men, capable to create family and to take responsibility for themselves!” — signed Natalia one of the joint photographs with husband and mother-in-law.

By the way, Gluk’oza revelation caused a heated discussion in the comments. Many fans admitted that not all of them develop the same relationship with mother and husband. “Yes, mother-in-law is rarely loved! A woman should be appreciated and protected!” — advised fans of the singer.

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