Федор Бондарчук просит 25 миллионов для Надежды Михалковой
Lead role in his directorial debut, the daughter of the famous Director gave his sister Anna.

Anna and Nadezhda Mikhalkov

Fyodor Bondarchuk will become the producer of the film, which will remove Nadezhda Mikhalkova. His career in the direction of Hope, is still known as an actress, starting with a full meter. Here is how deb described their project at the pitching (presentation of film with the aim of finding investors) of the Ministry of culture: “the Film is called “Lost place”, his genre – mystery with elements of horror”.

The plot was chosen a win-win: in a cinema there is a place under a certain number that literally kills those who buy a ticket. At first, people think this story is urban legend, but she soon begins to come true with chilling regularity. The main character performed by Anna Mikhalkova is taken to investigate the strange thing.

The main purpose of his film Hope Mikhalkov considers not the entertainment of the audience, and the search for a hero who could become a role model for today’s youth: “the Young generation now do not have enough heroes.” She stressed that the only known actress in the project is Anna, the rest of the actors are beginners and the General public are unfamiliar.

Evaluation of a novel, the entire project is 62 million, of which $ 25 million the film makers ask the state.

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