Алла Пугачева шокировала фотографией без макияжа
The act of the singer has caused a mixed reaction from Internet users.


8 hours

Алла Пугачева шокировала фотографией без макияжа

Jurmala.”A little sun in cold water”

Alla Pugacheva has amazed fans by posting on the page
in a social network picture without makeup. “A little sun in cold water” — signed picture star.

Subscribers singer took this
the gesture is highly ambiguous. “Beautiful! Natural! Real! As you
Christina looks like! You look really good!” — admired ones. Others wrote
hard-hitting phrase. “I am ashamed, in this form, photo spread” — sounded
the mildest of left under the reviews. Among subscribers broke
a real war. Won, however with a positive mindset.

Recent photos without makeup become a fashion trend
among the stars. And each the very long discussed in Network. For example,
so long ago Alsu was forced to justify himself to the fans when a part
followers of the singer were convinced she had plastic surgery. The star posted two pictures — one without
makeup and the other with fluorescent makeup.

“Post specifically the clever, smart and “well-wishers”, — wrote Alena. — Which in recent years has been particularly active trying to prove to everyone and, first
foremost, themselves, and me too, I spent some procedures
to increase the lips. I, of course, in their view, to lead these
super-manipulation of the needles and the introduction of any obscurity in your body
now, another more “suitable” time could not find! So,
my dear, open your megasexnet and show you photos taken
today with a difference of only 1 minute! It turns so easily and completely
painless you can add volume using a regular pencil for the outline

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