Юлия Высоцкая и Андрей Кончаловский собираются в Венецию
The film “Paradise” is included in the competition program of the prestigious Italian film festival.

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky

Photo: 7D

The organizing Committee of the 73rd international film festival in Venice has published a list of the films included in
the main competition program. A new film by Andrei Konchalovsky’s “Paradise” —
the sacred twenty. This film-drama tells the story of the intertwined destinies of Russian
emigrant, aristocrat and member of the French Resistance Olga (her role
performed Yuliya Vysotskaya), a French collaborator of Jules and senior
SS officer German Helmut.

Russian Director considered the favorite of this festival. Two
years ago, Konchalovsky was awarded in Venice with the “Silver lion” prize for
Director of the painting “White nights postman Tryapitsyna”. The film “Paradise”, which
will show in the competition this year, shot in three languages — Russian, German
and French. The main roles in the film, in addition Vysotskaya, performed beginner
German actor Christian Claus and famous French actor Philippe ducan. Victor
Sukhorukov, who first starred in the Director, played the role of Heinrich Himmler.

For the role of Olga Konchalovsky’s wife had to shave my head.
Moreover, the actress agreed to such a radical change of image is not right. “Perhaps
if I were twenty, I would calmly react to the idea, — he confessed
Julia. — At that age do to many things are easier. But I already two times
older — and another three weeks shied away from his own reflection in the mirror, not
immediately knowing who was in front of me. No matter how you experimented on yourself in
twenty, on your side is always an expression of young fresh faces. But now,
when accumulated fatigue…”

But Julia had to agree to the demands of her husband-Director.
After all, the heroine, Vysotskaya is in a concentration camp, and to achieve the desired
image, on the eve of the final scenes, she completely cut off all my hair.

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