Future brother-in-law Pippa Middleton is a disgrace to the Royal family

Будущий деверь Пиппы Миддлтон позорит королевское семейство
The groom’s brother Pippa was at the center of the scandal.

Будущий деверь Пиппы Миддлтон позорит королевское семейство

Spencer Matthews

The British public is in a state of mild
shock. Last weekend, everyone could marvel at the future brother-in-law 33-year-old Pippa
Middleton, the sister of the heir to the throne, standing in a negligee in the window of one
the shops of London’s West End. Not only is the Spencer Matthews that is
the brother of the fiance of Pippa James
put yourself on public display dressed only in tight swimming trunks corporal
color, he is also located in the window in the company of two very tempting
kinds beauties Topless.

The whole scene was conceived by its organizers,the
as the advertising campaign of the new collection, the sale of which will begin soon on
the major Internet website, specializing in clothing. Everyone saw
Spencer in the window, could “put” it to your taste with a special
programs available on phones and tablets. I say, wanting to gawk at half-naked
Matthews gathered more than enough. Moreover, many of them
released the address of Spencer not too flattering comments.

However, the brother of James Matthews managed to get
notoriety to this action. After all, he’s the star of several reality shows, where his
the appearance each time was accompanied by a shocking weekend. Besides, from
the last show I’m a celebrity,” he was exiled in disgrace, when he was caught in
the addiction to steroids.

But after the wedding, Pippa’s, which has been
announced will take place early next year, Spencer will become a member of the clan
Middletons and an indirect relative of the Royal family. This state of Affairs,
of course, can not please Queen Elizabeth. Although, of course, times
changed, and if even 30 years ago Pippa delicately advised to stay
away from the gentleman, who has a brother, now nobody
tried to stop when she accepted a proposal of marriage from James
Matthews. Besides, Spencer is quite possible, and not have to deal with
senior members of the Royal family face to face — after all, Queen Elizabeth is not obliged
him to invite him to their receptions in Buckingham Palace.

Pippa Middleton with her fiance – James Matthews

Photo: Legion-media