Глафира Тарханова дебютирует в качестве телеведущей реалити-шоу
The actress will help the children on the TV channel “Yu”.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Glafira Tarhanova will be the presenter of a new reality-project “save
my baby” on TV channel “Yu”. This project, which gives hope. The real Russian family
from completely different angles
Russia. And most important — the first time the main characters are small children,
with congenital or acquired diseases who want
a happy childhood. In order
the baby was healthy, his parents are ready for everything, but not always
aware of their rights and potential of our medicine. A team of experienced doctors
will undertake in the project even
the most severe cases, and psychologists help the heroes to cope with
the situation. You will see the whole process of treatment:
diagnosis of the disease before significant positive changes in
little patients. This reality will give the chance not only to its members,
but also help with recommendations, answers and advice to all viewers that
don’t know where to go, who to contact, and what medical services
they do have the right.

“If you or someone you know has children with a rare
diseases, or the child is not able to make the diagnosis, either in your city
the right professionals on the website of the TV channel “Yu” is the questionnaire for the medical project, ” said Glafira. — The programme is the treatment best doctors
Russia, with the support of the Ministry of health. The more people know about this possibility,
the more children we can help. This is for me new experience. Was
very tough day! But the real heroes, the emotions and the real children who are able
to help, here’s what’s really important.”

Glafira Tarhanova ten years, she plays in the theater “Satyricon”, and her filmography includes
about 40 roles in movies. Despite the active schedule, the young actress still
manages to be a caring mother of three sons. Glafira knows firsthand that
such care for young children, and what are the challenges
parents. Therefore, stories of heroes project takes to heart and
sincerely sympathizes with them.