Марион Котийяр беременна!
French actress, called blamed for the divorce of brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are expecting a baby.

A pregnant Marion Cotillard on the cover of the French magazine Closer.

Photo: Cover of the French magazine Closer

The French edition of Closer reports that actress Marion Cotillard is pregnant, and the timing of this pregnancy allowed to assume the child was conceived during the filming of the Thriller “Allies”. The same one where the partner of Cotillard was brad pitt, on the set which, according to numerous eyewitnesses, literally “flying sexual tension.” The shooting was in March, should give birth to Marion in December. Consider yourself.

This will be the second child for 40-year-old actress: together with the civil husband, actor and Director Guillaume Canet, she has a son Marcel. And, as she says Cotillard, she is absolutely happy with their ten-year relationship, but it is extremely sad the fact that she was “involved” in the divorce of Angelina and brad. Marion has repeatedly stressed that he considered pitt’s “a good man”. Alas, say the same about angelina she can’t. Just because Jolie arrived on the set of “Allies”, was extremely unfriendly, and then flatly refused to communicate with Cotillard.

None of the participants in perhaps the most high-profile divorce in recent years, voluntary or involuntary, as in the case of Marion, pregnancy which now attracted worldwide attention, and has not made the situation clear to the end. They were limited to vague comments with requests to respect our privacy during this difficult time.” What gave even more reason to doubt that the history of the breakup of pitt and Jolie comes down to the sacramental “irreconcilable contradictions”.