Линдси Лохан: он меня бил, но я сама виновата
The Hollywood star told Andrei Malakhov grisly details of life with a Russian bride.

Lindsay Lohan had hoped to create with Egor Tarasovym family.

Photo: Depositphotos

Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan arrived to Moscow specially in order to tell in the First channel of its “Russian” love story that started like a fairy tale, but turned into — no, not a nightmare, but rather an absolutely typical story. The one that has to go through millions of women around the world: dependence, abuse, beatings. Yegor Tarasov, with whom Lohan was engaged, forced the 30-year-old actress to reflect on the question that at least once in life asks himself almost every woman: what I’m willing to go to keep the man she loved.

In London, where young people met, and where Lohan came to once again try to rebuild their lives, they lived in seclusion. Lindsay, which the last few years, divided time between the courts and rehabari is completely satisfied. According to her, she did not seek publicity, whereas Tarabasanu, by contrast, liked to get on the gossip pages.

Lohan said that Yegor is the guy, frankly, not particularly bright — it brought sincerity: “I felt safe with a man who doesn’t keep the pages in social networks. At the first meeting he seemed open and honest. I gave myself to him and the result was weak and defenseless.”

The weakness, however, did not prevent her from actually fully support the 23-year-old son of a millionaire. Lindsay had paid the rent for the house, travels by private aircraft, party. Egor is not ruined even in the ring in engagement — the traditional decoration of Lohan bought herself. And for it, providing themselves almost from infancy, this problem was not. But for Tarabarova was obviously.

In any case, it is self-doubt, insulted manhood and you would not believe me! guilt Lindsay considers the reasons for which Tarasov started beating her: “Perhaps because of this guilt Egor and began to beat me up. I’m not saying he’s a bad man. I just should have quit, but I have been patient and even told him “I’m sorry”.

Despite the fact that the groom has beaten Lindsay in the presence of their parents, manipulated her desire to have children and lived on her money, the parting was painful. Lohan admitted that he really loved Yegor. And, judging by the fact that she still haven’t erased his phone number — “Not want to burn bridges!” — they are still hot.