From the horse’s mouth: Ilya Reznik has frankly told about the quarrel with Alla Pugacheva

Из первых уст: Илья Резник откровенно рассказал о ссоре с Аллой Пугачевой
The Maestro first spoke on this subject.

Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva


This week Ilya Reznik celebrated his birthday. The last episode of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight” was devoted to the work of the Maestro. For his creative biography Reznik has released nearly 500 songs, 70 of which she sang Alla Pugacheva. However, recently the stars are not communicated with each other, and in a press there were various rumors about the causes of such hatred.

However, recently it became known that Joe and Reznik made up. About it were talking and in the Studio. “Is it true that now your life is a stage when you hold any grudges deal? In fact, after the February anniversary concert by Raimonds Pauls in “Crocus city Hall” all the media came out with headlines “Ilya Reznik and Alla Pugacheva made up.” You were at Alla Borisovny in the dressing room after the performance. What’s behind closed doors happened?” – asked Andrey Malakhov to the butcher.

“On the evening of Pauls Alla brilliantly performed. Wonderful was the concert, and can boast of: an author of 15 songs was me. Well, after I went to the alley, presented flowers, and she asked: “do you Have any poems?” I responded: “do you Have music?” She says: “Music is”. – “Then I have poetry.” – “It means we have to work”. At that and kissed each other,” shared Maestro.

“The nature of Alla is impossible to describe one or two phrases. It is different – a powerful, funny, jealous, good-natured, generous. The whole gamut, the whole palette of human qualities she has. And I’m very touchy. I admit it. Because a year or two there was a pause from us. So what? Life is short need to forgive and be forgiven”, he added.

We will remind that recently Alla Pugacheva acted on creative evening of Raimonds Pauls, where he held her reconciliation with Ilya Reznik.

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