Baranovskaya fell out of love with St Petersburg because of Arshavin

Барановская разлюбила Санкт-Петербург из-за Аршавина In his hometown all the presenter recalls the father of her children. Duplex apartment in the elite cottage settlement, left Yulia the Baranov, Andrey Arshavin, empty.

      Барановская разлюбила Санкт-Петербург из-за Аршавина

      TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya confessed that after breaking up with the father of her three children, footballer Andrey Arshavin she tries not to be in his native St. Petersburg. In this city everything reminds her of a former civil husband. Here they met, walked through the streets of St. Petersburg, here was born their son Artem and daughter, Jan, here they together went to London.

      To tell the truth, Yulia Baranovskaya still had to come to St. Petersburg. Here not so long ago moved to live with her close friend Inna Zhirkov with her husband, a football player Yuri Zhirkov – he was invited to play in “Zenith”. Inna organized in the city on the Neva fashion show, and Julia took part in it. “If not for the moving of Inna in Saint-Petersburg, here I probably never would have arrived. There were circumstances, – admitted in an interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel Julia Baranovskaya. – We’ve been friends for a very long time. When the life has disposed so, that I had to move to Moscow, Inna began with Yuri the home and the family in which I lived for a year. Perhaps this is a more than close relationship”.

      After parting with Andrey Arshavin Julia Baranovskaya forever lit bridges between St Petersburg and Moscow. That for a year and duhovnia empty apartment in the elite cottage village near St. Petersburg – Julia with her children have left Arshavin. Here they lived until leaving for London.

      Барановская разлюбила Санкт-Петербург из-за Аршавина

      Next door to this apartment Andrei Arshavin bought a two-story mansion, but the player here also does not happen. Now he’s looking for a house in Alma-ATA, where he went to work on the contract with the football club “Kairat”. Very soon it will move to his new love Alice Kazmina with their children – son and daughter.

      Most likely, the new contract will help to solve the financial problems. The fact that Arshavin owed to the former civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya about twenty million roubles of the alimony. The couple has three children grows up, the relationship is an athlete does not hold. In early April, the middle daughter of the football player Yana Arshavina was eight years old, but the famous dad she was not congratulated. And on a question of journalists, whether she is experiencing about this, Yulia Baranovskaya answered with a smile: “we’ll be fine!”

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